Saturday, April 30, 2016

Annual Frio Pilgrimage- Day Three

The hummer nest grew, and we finally got to see Buntings, always the delight of the pilgrimage.

 The Indigo Buntings were so numerous at Butch's carousel feeder, I was tempted to get a shot with all six boxes full.

 Papa Eastern Bluebird was a faithful watchmen. I re-positioned hoping for a better shot, but they didn't like me so close.

 What started out indiscernible as a nest, became a recognizable lump on the branch.

 First time a Painted Bunting visited me down at the 'Sanctuary' on the East Frio.

 A cropped 'Sanctuary' view; place of worship, and peace!

 A diligent worker sees results!

 Now here's a reason to spend more time at Camp Live Oak, documenting the process!

 Green Kingfisher dropped by to say, see ya next year!

 Blue Grosbeak

 Painted Bunting

Indigo Bunting
Such a blessing to enjoy these birds on our annual Frio pilgrimage.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Annual Frio Pilgrimage- Day Two

As you can see, we seem to have a nesting bird theme working on this trip. Every walk out through the brush brought another set of its own treats.

 This Blue Grosbeak, along with the Indigo Buntings and Painted Buntings, were active at Butch and Joyce's feeder close to the porch.

 Sitting down at the 'Sanctuary' on the East Frio, noticed this gal returning to the same spot on the cypress branch.

 She would work the platform with her beak, then nestle in vigorously.

 I hardly think she was admiring her work, but she did sit there for a second before flying off again.

 Spied the Eastern Bluebird and got this shot, not realizing there was a Black-chinned hummer on the next branch. Earlier I had seen the hummers chasing a Summer Tanager around the river.

Later I observed Papa signal Mama to come on safely to the nest. When done they both left, and wouldn't come back if I was too close.

 Busy bee in the abundant wildflower.

 Female Summer Tanager.

 Lark Sparrow in the top of a cedar.

 Ash-throated Flycatcher, with a twig blurring his eye.

 I found where the Indigo Buntings were hanging out in the woods. At the same time noticed the Owner of Camp Live Oak, this Red-shouldered Hawk, looking for some lunch.

 The camera was ready, so when he took off, I just fired away, hoping I would get a good one for Butch.

The Cliff Swallows that build under the 83 bridge north of Leakey were gathering mud for their nest building.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Annual Frio Pilgrimage- Day One

Our trip to the Frio to greet the migrating birds was filled with the most incredible weather we have ever experienced in a Texas Spring. And the birding was just as excellent.

 Butch says this Golden-fronted Woodpecker is very bold around his porch-side feeders.

And a few steps down the path to the river holds a veritable forest of thistle flowers. This one is being explored by a couple of bees.

 I know the call of the White-eyed Vireo well enough to just sit down and wait it out.

 My patience paid off as it moved closer and closer, providing a better shot with each move.

 When it flew right at me and perched on a nearby limb, I realized its nest was about four feet above my head.

 The Green Kingfisher graced us with his presence down at the river.

 He was flying back and forth, then I realized that there were two of them.

 They positioned themselves on opposite sides of the river and had a stare-down.

 Checking out the water to see if there is something to dive for.

 He provided many photo ops.

 Caught the Ash-throated Flycatcher just leaving his perch.

Another call that is distinctive, the Summer Tanager. Only this guy was young, and hardly got all of his syllables out. But he still gave me a pose.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Pics of the Day

Never tire of the hummingbirds around the garden, and happy to have the migrating Blue-winged Teal couple hanging for a few more.

Female Ruby-throated guarding the garden.

 Day of contrasts, cool rain and bright sunshine.

 Well we know where she's been stickin' HER snout!

 Lit up like a depot stove! Would it burn my finger if I could touch it?

 Mr. & Mrs. Blue-winged Teal.

Hoping for a morning shot in the sun. Stay tuned!

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Pics of the Day

Day started well spending time with the Grand gurlz on the porch. Mercedes looked out at the pond and exclaimed, "What is THAT?!!" The Yellow-crowned Night Heron was in the dead tree close to our side of the pond, and provided us with some entertaining moves.

 But first, spied this Blue-winged Teal on the pond just before the big rains started this weekend.

Here is the big guy in his standard position; one leg down.

 Then he started to rise up. I'm thinking he's gonna fly, or sneeze!


 And lets out a little hoot.

 Then slams it down and sends the feathers in quite an array.

 I'm thinkin' he was tryin' to impress a skirt!

 Ruby-throated real real close to the end of the porch.

And the Ruby-throated female wanting to get at that feeder.