Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Pics of the Day

Black-chinned Hummingbirds are active at the office these days, and sunny days tempt me to spend way too much time at the window.

 Early in the day, the female undisturbed with a little pollen on her snoot.

 The male did not give her much time, and was buzzin' as soon as she showed up.

 Those wings are fast!

 But sunlight and a fast camera can stop 'em sometimes.

 Take enough pics, and you might get one reflecting the sun on his royal throat.

And I think the phrase is something about the lady always getting the last word!

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Pics of the Day

Sunny and warm, time to be out in the yard, in the garden, and at the office window open onto the deck and feeders!

 The best i.d. I have is a Chipping Sparrow. It has the coloring, and we are on the border between its winter area and summer area.

 American Goldfinch, still in the area, but not for long.

 The Black-chinned hummer was obliging by hanging around the feeder today.

 And it was taking enough sun this afternoon to get a few freeze-frames.

I can only assume that this is Mrs. Black-chin. Have a drink!

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Pics of the Day

What a beautiful Spring Sunday afternoon. And started with a misty morning on a full pond. My first real opportunity to get out in the yard and garden to start tilling and planting. Had to harvest a few plants that survived the winter, so you see the remains of our Swiss Chard. The Bewicks are nesting in the bluebird box. Enjoy.

 Winter and Spring rains have filled the pond, and the ducks are still hangin' with us.

 Bewick Wrens checking out the bluebird box.

 He gave his approval.

 And she said, 'Okay, outta there!'

 Harvested a whole patch of Swiss Chard, and this didn't make 'the cut'. Thought it made a colorful composition.

This group of ducks doesn't fly when I'm near, and they are divers. Female Redheads and female Ring-necked. The Gadwalls erupt off the pond if they even see me move on the porch.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Pics of the Day

We have been blessed with Spring rain, which no doubt will bring flowers, whether in April or May. The activity is up with the warming temps, and it is good to have the hummers back.

 It was fun watching to see who would come and pose with the bougainvillea.

 White-crowned Sparrow on the Lady Banks Rose.

 And by the bougainvillea.

 American Wigeon and others still visiting the pond.

 Male Black-chinned hummingbird on the porch.

So we caught a bunch of them there at the same time. With a little more patience, I'm pretty sure I could have every variety that was in the yard in the same frame.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Pics of the Day

Starting now to infuse the yard with some 'store-bought' color, which provides background for the bird photos. Also today, an old volunteer peach tree at the office is putting on a show.

 The office was built by our employer Don Tew in 1984. This volunteer peach came up from a worker's lunch! Some years it barely blooms, as it is shaded and surrounded by other brush. Obviously this year has been good for rain and temps, as it is putting on a Spring show.

 The varmints may beat us to them, but we will be looking for those peaches.

 Trying a bougainvillea in the yard this year in place of the geraniums. This coral color caught our eye at the Hill Country Water Gardens in Cedar Park. The Texas Titmouse looks good with a little color.

I noticed that the female Cardinals beak coordinated nicely with the floral background.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Pics of the Day

We love this time of year when Spring is bursting out (bustin' here in Texas) and the Winter visitors are still in the yard and on the deck. Enjoy.

 Our resident Red-shouldered Hawk was complaining to his mate, going back and forth. When this happens, I have to pause my gardening and say to Jan, "the hawks are calling!"

 One of those wild flowers I have yet to identify. Two or three blooms on a weedy plant with strange shaped leaves. There's a blue you don't see in the paint store.

 Eastern Phoebe at the edge of the pond watching for whatever morsel is flying nearby.

 Northern Mockingbird out on the Lady Banks Rose, which is trying to decide if it will make one more attempt to put on a Spring bloom.

 A small group of Gadwalls came in for a Spring Break fling on our pond.

 Parting shot as I left the office today. This male Lesser Goldfinch is either working on his black coat, or it may be the 'green' variety.

 The Lincoln's Sparrow is so tiny, and afraid to be out in the open.

I call this one 'Gentleman Jim and the Painted Lady'. The suet never fails to
draw a crowd.

Friday, March 13, 2015

Pics of the Day

The week ended up beautifully crisp and sunny, as if Spring is ready to welcome all things new and green and budding. We were visited by a first timer at the office, a Hermit Thrush. Enjoy.

 This Hermit Thrush showed up at the office one morning, poking around in the possum haw holly.

 I spend a lot of time trying to catch good shots of the Ruby-crowned Kinglet.

 On the wing.

 The ruby crown.

You would think God just did a slight stroke of the brush, until 
you see it in its full glory!

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Pics of the Day

Still cool temps, and ducks hanging in there on the pond. 
I think I misidentified the brown one.

 Carolina Chickadee hitting the feeder at the office deck.

 Ring-necked duck on the right, but what is that on the left? Not his mate!

 The closest pic in the Crossley Guide is a female Redhead. 
I always was partial to redheads!
The book says they do stay with other diving ducks.

 This Cardinal was posing on the steeple this afternoon.

So we close with this shot, standing guard over the empty church.
Is this the early bird? Daylight Saving Time?