Thursday, March 31, 2016

Pics of the Day

Spring activity in the yard, flora, and fauna.

 Lady Banks rose took her time, but came on the best she's done in years. The hummers still like to use her as a perch to watch the feeders.

 Late sun catching a Black-chinned at one of the porch feeders.

 The Amaryllis is really happy, never did that before!

 He's showing off, putting on a display hoping to impress a skirt!

 Attracted by my ruby red glass.

Monday, March 28, 2016

Pics of the Day

This time of year brings more surprises than others, because you never know who might drop by on their way somewhere else.

 The first Black-chinned has been enjoying my early-blooming salvia greggie out beyond the veggie garden.

 I'm starting to see regulars now at the feeder at the office.

 I was shocked to see this American Goldfinch in full summer bloom. Of course, my regular the Black-crested Titmouse had to photo-bomb!

 Nothing quite makes my day like seeing one of these rare travelers.

 He turned around to give me a little profile view.

That's why they're called 'Goldfinches'!!

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Pics of the Day- First Day of Spring

Did someone say first day of Spring? Well, someone must have messaged the hummers, because Mr. Black-chin showed up in the yard.

 We've been blessed with Redheads and Wigeons on the pond.

 I know it looks like a decoy, but he's for real!

 Amazing birds!

 Carolina jessamine put on a good show this year, and had lots of visitors.

 Where did you come from? That Amaryllis wasn't there last week. Now it's ready to burst forth.

 Our first of the year, Black-chinned hummer in the salvia greggia.

With a slight dusting of pollen on the snout.