Thursday, January 31, 2013

Winter Catchup II, or 'Son of', or 'Bride of'

Just a few more left over pics from our winter, including some exclusive shots from the Albuquerque porch of our sis-in-law Ginger. Enjoy.

Never get tired of this regular at the thistle feeder, the male Lesser Goldfinch.

 Likewise the House Finch is a year-round resident, and always at the office deck feeders.

 A regal pose for the 'common' House Finch.

The Great Blue Heron landed on the far side of the pond.

 This is what a House Finch looks like in sub-zero weather in Albuquerque, NM! Rather puffed up!
A bird that we rarely see in Central Texas, the female Junco.

And her mate the male Junco. These are sparrows with a different color scheme. Our visit was short in ABQ, but a blessing still!

Winter Catchup

It's amazing how life gets in the way of blogging! I hope you enjoy this edition of catching up on a winter of pics from the porch and deck.

 The Pine Siskins have been abundant at the office this winter, and the last few days have been crowding the feeders to beat the band!

There is a small crack in the feeder below the perch, so this guy is going after the easier eating, and dropping some in the mix.

 His red pretty much overwhelms the camera.

 Female Cardinal in the Lady Banks Rose at the yard. I like that color combo. Let's name a color 'Lady Cardinal'. I think she even put on a little mascara before leaving the nest this morning.

All the boys hangin' out at the feeders. Seven guys at once, and a female there in the lower left.

Evidence that we have had an abundance of Gadwalls visiting the pond this winter. This is before the last good rain that filled the pond back up.

 They are quiet little ducks that cruise the pond mostly surface feeding.

 If there is a disturbance, one of them starts a regular quacking, and they start queuing up to leave.

 Sometimes the light's just right for an artistic shot.

 Then when there is not much more left on the surface, they start dunking, and that is fun to watch.

 They're not going under, just bobbing for whatever is just below the surface.

One Saturday a large hawk flew into the big dead pecan across the pond, and I knew it was not our Red-shouldered. The shots are blurry, but good enough to show we had our first Red-tailed hawk visit the area.

The ducks were definitely quacking, but making no move to leave.

 Standing at the porch rail and I look down to discover one of my bushes blooming! Had to grab a shot of blooms in January!

 At the office our Warbler keeps hanging around. This shot gives an indication that it may be the Orange-crowned Warbler, as you see a hint of his orange crown.

We'll close with this shot from my office deck. Proof that the birds that hang out at my feeders also hang out together in the trees. I count three Lesser Goldfinches, two male House Finches and two Female House Finches. Amazing creations!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

A Sunny Winter's Day on the Office Deck

After a few days of dreary, wet and cold, with no seed out, we enjoyed an office deck revival when the sun came out and the feeders were filled again. I'm sure the twenty degree temps increased their appetites as well. Enjoy this week's offering.

 The noisy Scrub Jays always announce their presence, so I can grab the camera and come a-runnin'.

 Our friend Annette just loves the White-wing Doves. They can be pretty, but such pigs for that seed!

 Black-crested Titmouse, Texas race. Notice I never fail to mention his Texas connection!

It was just so amazing that they all showed up at once, as if every species of bird that had ever visited was just waiting for the sun and the seed.

 The House Finches were everywhere.

The Chickadee, get me to the church on time!

 The thistle feeder was full of Lesser Goldfinches, Pine Siskins, and pretty much every other bird after the other feeders were empty.

 A Pine Siskin at the bath.

 That yellow breast really catches your attention.

The female Lesser Goldfinch.

 And their cousins, the American Goldfinch. They are only here in the winter, and don't have their full glory on, but a pretty sight still.

We'll close with this surprise visitor, the winter version of the Yellow Warbler. There is a slight chance this is an Orange-crowned Warbler, but that remains to be seen!
The birds that didn't get captured by the camera include the Great Egret and the Red-winged Blackbird. It was quite a variety for one day!