Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Pics of the Day

Even though I hit the porch late in the day, I was blessed by the Painted Bunting coming to the sprinkler. All I had to do was point and shoot.

 He came over to the fence line, quite uncharacteristic. But so is the sprinkler running on the garden late in the day.

 Then I saw what he was up to; just wanted a drink.

 So what's up with the pineapple in the zinnia?

 Black-chinned hummer at the feeder in late light.

Bloom is fading on this herb, but the hummer doesn't seem to care.

Monday, July 27, 2015

Pics of the Day

Hot sunny Central Texas afternoon, but the garden is full of blooms and butterflies.

 Long-distance shot of a hummer at the Victoria blue salvia in the middle of the yard.

 Unusual colors on the morning glory.

 Painted Bunting coming to the feeder in the morning light.

 Gulf Fritillary is our prolific butterfly of late.

Words escape me. I just marvel at the beauty of God's Creation.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Pics of the Day

A bright sunny Saturday afternoon on my porch; I only need a few minutes to grab a few good ones. Gulf Fritillaries and hummingbirds in the garden.

 The hummingbirds are aggressively guarding and challenging around the feeders.

 Three Gulf Fritillary butterflies were visiting the zinnias this afternoon.

 Zoomed a little too far in, couldn't get back out in time to get the whole body.

Didn't have much time, but didn't need much. The subjects were plenteous and willing to pose for a second or two.

Friday, July 24, 2015

Pics of the Day

Great morning on the porch, catching some shots in the early light. Dividing my time between the hummers in the garden on one end, and the Green Heron in the pond on the other.

 Feeder on the porch end catching some direct sunlight.

 She pauses, but is always looking over her shoulder.

 Low light conditions, but pretty still.

 Throat markings indicate young male.

 And he's chattering.

 Meanwhile, back on the other end of the porch, the Green Heron announces his presence with a piercing single call.

 I think the bouffant means 'look at me!'

 I know, you don't see any green. Well I didn't name him either!

 Take a chance with the low light, you never know what you might get.

 And then the sun peeks out, and you get a little back-light.

Twas a lovely morning on the porch.