Sunday, July 1, 2012

Summer in Full Bloom

The summer is in full bloom, full heat, and very full bird and wildlife activity. I thought it was a slow week until I started downloading and editing my pics. Enjoy this week's full offering.

 One of our yard squirrels, that is, furry-tailed tree rat! After a full day of raiding my feeders, one must take a break.

 At the office, our second nest of Eastern Phoebes. The day I got this shot, by quittin' time, they had launched.

 Daddy Phoebe hanging close by.

 The House Finches enjoy the full feeder in the morning.

 We are seeing more from the porch, but not as plentiful as at the office.

 A young female getting a sip in the heat.

 Black-chinned hummingbird activity is up, office deck and porch.

Since the activity is up, I can't tell if my flowering plants at the house has anything to do with it. Caught a little purple in this shot of the Black-chinned.

 A Chickadee paused just long enough for a pic.

 This young male Lesser Goldfinch is working on his black back feathers.

 Female Lesser Goldfinch enjoying the thistle sock at the office.

 Mature male Lesser Goldfinch. (Don't say it!)

 Their overall numbers are down, but they still come around as long as the sock is full of seed.

 The young female House Finch sharing a feeder tray with a Red-winged Blackbird.

 Can't you read the warning sign? It says 'Not for large birds!'

 Red-winged Blackbird getting a drink.

 Female Cardinal, tired from her duties of being harassed by her young-uns.

 Aren't you a little big for me to be havin' to mouth-feed?

 The Yellow-crowned Night Heron still graces our pond every day. I'm sorry to say the pond does not look nice, but seems to still hold plenty of prey. (Yes, those are bubbles on the surface. Who KNOWS what they come from!)

 A young male Painted Bunting at the office deck. (Notice I did not use the phrase 'immature'! Nor JUVENILE.)

 Yes, it was hot that day. (Pant, pant.)

 Back at the porch, three male Painted Buntings are still hangin' at the feeders.

 And they appear to be regular church-goers! I could hear Mrs. Price banging out 'Shall we gather at the river' for the youth assembly in the basement at First Methodist Robstown. How did she make her hands fly off the keys after every chord?

 Female Painted Bunting close to the porch.


We'll close with this treat. Sitting on the porch with Jan when she noticed the little one was in the meadow across the pond with mama. Then went for a little breakfast. Life is good on the porch!