Friday, January 17, 2014

Coming Out of Hibernation

Not only did the photographic activity decline, the time and energy to do any posting absolutely went into hibernation. The winter bird activity has been up at the porch and office deck, so we're back with a mix of December catch-up and January winter visitors. Enjoy.

 Sis-in-law Ginger has a Gila Woodpecker in her backyard in Tucson. In case you didn't know, that cactus there on the right doesn't grow in Texas!

 Happy to have the Ladderback continuing to visit my suet basket in the yard.

 This American Wigeon is a regular on the pond this winter.

 This particular cool morning offered some good sun angles for photographing.

 They spook easily, but seem to fly back around just as easily.

The wild turkeys are still hanging out on the other side of the pond.

 The Golden-fronted Woodpecker has been maturing, and continues to try to rule the feeder.

 This very peaceful dove will not back down.

And just in case you need to check your back, just look around!

 Since I know their habits, I worked my position to get this shot of the take-off of the American Wigeon.

Gadwalls enjoying the pond offering.

This Northern Cardinal was posing at the office deck.

 Back in the yard, the Yellow-rumped Warbler (Myrtle Warbler) visiting the suet cake at the Banks rose.

Just gotta have your eyes out for those yellow splotches that give him away.

 The cool temps had him puffed up.

 Carolina Chickadee with back light, off the porch.

I have been faithful to keep the thistle available, and the Lesser Goldfinches have been faithful to show up and eat it!

One of our winter regulars, the White-crowned Sparrow, always on the ground scratchin' like a chicken.

 All winter the Scrub Jays have been pesky at the office conference room windows.

I posted some pics earlier of the Ruby-crowned Kinglet, but this is the first in a long time where I caught a shot of the ruby crown.

Stepping outside at the family gathering at Roadrunner's Roost, I heard the Golden-fronted. In pursuit, I found that there were two of them frequenting the neighborhood power poles.

 A poor pic, but excited to see the Spotted Towhee in the yard.

 We marvel at the Scrub Jay activity. Had not seen one of these guys for years, and now they are like family!

Hopefully they know what a good thing they have going on the office deck!