Saturday, May 31, 2014

May Birds and Blooms Vol. II

I was very tired when I posted this blog last night. And I accidentally posted it to my wife's blog, GG's Journal. So you can view the second half of May's pics at Enjoy!

Thursday, May 29, 2014

May Birds and Blooms Vol. I

We don't remember a cooler May than this one, and it was a bumper crop for the new veggie garden, the birds, and returning flowering plants from last year. It's feast or famine around this blog; too few pics and I don't post, too many pics and I'm overwhelmed! Enjoy THIS MONTH'S offering of birds and blooms.

 The crook-neck squash was first, but the zucchini has been prolific with the blossoms and fruit. And the bees have recently discovered them, so the buzzing greets you in the morning.

 I planted the grape holly, or leather leaf holly, based on water needs and hardiness, and they have performed well. This year producing lots of berries and new growth.

 The mama Phoebe enjoying the sprinkler. She was thirsty from hunting for bugs for her brood in the nest on the back porch.

Here she is later in the day, takin' care of business.

 The female Painted Bunting was the first to show up at the feeder in the yard.

Eastern Chickadee getting a drink.

 Slurp! That's good!

 Cardinal getting his drink framed by the geraniums.

 Chinese fringe flower did well in the front bed last year, so planted another. They are a little rangy because of the lack of sun, but have been very colorful.

 Female hummers dueling in the late day sun at the end of the porch. 'If I ignore you, will you just go away?'

 First year to be visited regularly by the Great Egret. What a looker!

 Black-chinned hummer at the office feeder.

 Young Phoebes at the office, ready to blow this joint!

And mom is ready for them to get out and fend for themselves!

Painted Bunting at the office deck, hasn't been showing up like I would like.

 Someone told me that the blue on the head means this is an immature male Bunting. And she said, 'Is there any other kind?'

Female Painted Bunting showing her green.

 Saturday morning chasing the Green Heron around the pond while he was froggin'.

 Quite the hunter, zeroing in on the prey.

 Woot! Gotcha!

 It's in here somewhere!

Volunteer morning glories came up all over my yard this year, and they have the largest leaves I have ever seen on a morning glory!

 The Scrub Jays took the winter off from pecking at the office conference room windows, but they are back with a vengeance!

 Heard that distinctive call of the Summer Tanager, and just caught a distant shot off the office deck.

 This Red-bellied Woodpecker has been spending a lot of time hanging around the office deck. This day, he even got right down on the deck and was scarfin' it up!

Even my drive home in the afternoon is a bird adventure. This is one of the Great Roadrunners that lives down at the other end of our street, and can be seen most any day.

 Female hummer has been nesting, as evidenced by the bit of cob web on her beak. As Nathan Motz says, it's the glue of the hummingbird nest.

 Caught just a little of the royal purple throat of the Black-chinned hummer.

 Lesser Goldfinches always active at the office thistle feeder.

And we'll close Volume I with this surprise in the middle of the day on the office deck. This is a ring-tailed cat, and a young one at that. I'm thinking Mom is sleeping and doesn't know junior stepped out to explore!