Saturday, November 5, 2011

Autumn Mix

Now that we've had some SERIOUS cold temps, (it did freeze at the office!) we're seeing some more of our regular winter residents. And with the pond full of water, returning water birds as well. Enjoy this week's offering of an Autumn mix.

When the cool temps come in and the pond thinks it's still summer, you get the steam rising off the pond in the early light. The view from the porch.

The House Finches grace us at the office more than they do at my porch. Same thing with the Lesser Goldfinches. So we get 'em where we can.

Here is a female House Finch at my watering dish at the office deck.

A rare visit of a Blue Jay at the watering dish. They are big-time hit-and-run artists.

Our pound puppy Mirabelle is settling in, and submitting to a little training. Very little, that is.

A Black-crested Titmouse at the feeder just off the porch.

We were excited to see a returning Great Blue Heron, first time since the pond filled back up. We have also heard a Kingfisher and Green Heron, but no pix yet.

A couple of male White-crowned Sparrows at the base of the platform feeder. A significant part of this pic is that there is green stuff in it, called grass.

This Tree Sparrow was checking out its image prior to taking a sip. Yes, those are blooms of a lantana below, another recent addition thanks to RAIN!

This Sparrow can't pause for long, there are lots of buddies waiting to take their turn.

A Chickadee and Sparrow at the porch feeder.

In honor of our friends and relatives who are St. Louis Cardinal fans. A series win well-deserved.

Male Cardinal at the feeder. I know that if there is seed in the feeders, they will come, whatever the season.

A House Sparrow that nests in our Purple Martin house. I guess everybody needs a place to live.

This Chickadee was just off the deck at the office.

It is rare to get the lighting so that you can see their eyes. They always disappear into the black feathers of their heads.

We have 'spotted' the Spotted Towhee at office and porch, and they have been very elusive. I got this blurry shot under the deck at the office. Stay tuned; this hunter will get his prey!

This fellow dropped in at the office deck, probably because some days there is a flock of White-wing dove gorging on my seed. Pretty sure this is a Red-tail Hawk.

I was firing as fast as I could, 'cause I knew he wouldn't be there for long.

The Scrub Jays are still hanging around the office deck, and with the window open, gave me the opportunity to get some good shots this week.

This shot is illustrative, as they are very loud and persistent, as their cousins the Blue Jay.

A parting shot of the pond as the sun rises and reveals deeper colors and brighter glory; the Glory of the Lord revealed in His creation.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Autumn Visitors

The porch and yard have been full of Autumn visitors. Some will stay for a short while, some are passing through, and some are here for the winter. Enjoy this week's offering.

The Scrub Jays are still hanging around the office deck. This guy is literally hanging, on a feeder not really built for large birds.

A female Orange-crowned Warbler visited the water dish at the office for a quick bath.

A falcon was flying around the pond. Then we noticed that a number of Blue Jays were providing an unwelcome escort. The four Blue Jays chased the falcon out of sight.

Welcome back the White-crowned Sparrow. This is one that will stay for the winter, and sometimes well into the spring.

This Carolina Wren flew onto the porch and checked me over before flying down to the big oak tree roots.

He was looking for bugs in the leaves.

Reminded me of chickens the way he was peckin' and scratchin'.

These wild flowers popped out of the ground after our big rain. Any help in i.d.'ing them would be appreciated. The leaf is a very unusual triangular shape. Teri McDonald is our prize winner! This is the Violet Wood Sorrel. Teri, call me and you can come pick up your prize.

Here are some regular visitors to the porch. I am holding Evangeline Rose, and Viola Marie is striking a pose.

One of my favorite porch visitors, Mercedes Noel.

Morgan Wesley, Emma Ireline and Mercedes havin' some swing time with Papa Wes.

Evangeline Rose was a special blessing this morning on the porch.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Traveling Birds

It's that time of year when migrating birds are spied almost daily. And we have been refreshed by a frog-strangler that filled the pond overnight. And with the changing season, the hummingbirds checked their calendar and headed for a warmer spot for winter. So we are on the look-out for our winter crew. Enjoy this week's offering.

In an earlier post we showed you a female Baltimore Oriole on the hummingbird feeder at the house. It wasn't long before we saw this male at the water dish at the office.

The treat was that there was another male in the Spanish Oak near by.

Dan's neighbor Anita Bradley then spied this one soon after in her son's back yard in Leander. So these guys were passin' through.

The Mockingbirds have been attracted to our watering dish, and even show up in numbers.

This little Bunting had me going for a while. I finally decided the only way I would I.D. is by the female. This must be an Indigo Bunting immature male that doesn't have all his color on yet.

If the beak was thicker, the coloring is like a Blue Grosbeak.

Here is the female Indigo Bunting, with rusty brown coloring.

The male Lesser Goldfinch is still faithful at the thistle feeder.

And is given to robbing the black oil sunflower seed as well.

The House Finches always add their color to the mix.

One morning at the office a Ladder-backed woodpecker was bouncing around the trees on the back side of the office.

He seemed to be oblivious to my presence, but the lighting wasn't working with me.

From past experience I recognize the call of the Western Scrub Jay, but have not seen them regularly for quite a while. I was amazed that four of them showed up recently.

And while Dan and Linda were vacationing in Colorado, Linda sent me this shot of a Scrub Jay. Looks like he's got an appetite for cedar berries.

This little sparrow stays down on the ground under the deck most of the time, but popped up to give me a shot. This is a Savannah Sparrow. Dan will be glad to know that there are actually different kinds of sparrows.

Still our most faithful, you can always count on the Cardinals being nearby and ready to come to the feeders when there is an offering.

The same day she sent the shot of the Scrub Jay, Linda sent this one of a Black-billed Magpie. Stunning colors.