Thursday, July 3, 2014

First of Summer

We are just now warming up, which you know is very unusual for Central Texas. We've been so pleased that our garden has not been wilting without a daily dose of water, but certain plants are starting to go there! Enjoy our first of summer variety.

The Blue Jays have discovered our little setting in the middle of the yard, and are visiting regularly to scarf up as much of the peanuts as they can get in their craw!

This was not long after 'first light', so it required quite a bit of editing to lighten it up!

The season has arrived for zinnias and hummers! This was not in bright sunlight, so I couldn't quite stop that wing action. But it sure shows up the vibrant colors of the zinnias.

And of course I am so proud of our Purple Cone Flower, which now has a jillion blooms!

Been missing the Great Blue Heron over the winter. It's great to have him back in the neighborhood.

The pond is offering up frogs and crawdads.

At the office deck feeder, the Black-chinned male hummer frozen!

And yes, another sign of the season. Butch Weston at Camp Live Oak knows the sign very well. This fawn was high stepping to avoid the grass, and stickin' close to mom.

Our resident Red-shouldered Hawk, just cruised the pond and lit in the oaks to the left, looking back to see if he missed anything.

Proud, anxious, busy Carolina Wren, feeding the babies in the church house on the porch, nearing 'launch time'!

Here comes the sun, and here comes the stop action!

At the rangey, volunteer lantana that has peeked out from below the Lady Banks Rose. Trimmed back the Lady Banks, so the lantana will now get some body.

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy!! Female Black-chinned at the Purple Cone Flower, also known as echinacea.

Guaranty; run the sprinkler by the bird bath at the end of the day, and you'll get the Wren having fun in the water!

Did I say 'fun'? How about sheer ecstasy?!!

My definition of 'crimson'!

Sunday morning glory on the porch; flower and Black-chinned (purple) hummer.

Launch Day! Stepped out on the porch in the morning to be greeted by this fuzzy Carolina Wren hanging on the screen. The siblings were ahead of him, already out off the end of the porch. This one hopped down and flittered towards the others. I then caught them on the abandoned hawg cage residing at that end of our porch. Pin feathers galore.

Chickadee lookin' for a sip.

Yard full of young Cardinals. This female posed near the knockout roses.

Scrub Jay that spends most of his time at the office window fighting the image. Taking a break to cool down in the water dish.

Regal looking House Finch at the new Droll Yankees feeder at the office deck. It (the feeder) frustrates the very large White-winged doves.

Ready to sip, female Black-chinned at the office deck feeder.

Up close and personal, the female Cardinal at the office deck water dish.

We close this week's offering with the Red-bellied Woodpecker that has been frequenting the office deck feeders.

He's startled by another bird coming in to the feeder. Check out that tongue.

The White-winged Dove was violating his 'envelope'! 
Blessings for your summer! We're havin' fun in the Hill Country!