Thursday, August 21, 2014

Pics of the Day

One hundred degree days, and a healthy work load, really cut back on the picture-taking activity. Got a chance late this afternoon to open the window at the office and stalk the hummingbird feeder. Enjoy today's offering.

 General activity around the feeders has picked up, so you can't help but feel like there are already some travelers headed south.

 The Black-chinned male camps out there in the trees almost in line with the feeder.

 At this angle, the Guardian would be coming up on her back.

 Then sometimes she perches right above the feeder and waits for him to chase somebody else off.

 Hoping to get a little peek at that purple throat.

 My patience paid off. The feeder helped a little with the sun bouncing off the glass.

That is one glorious throat!

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Pics of the Day

Even though the typical string of 100-degree days is here, the mornings on the porch have actually been pleasant. The hummingbird activity seems to be picking up, and some Green Herons have been camping out near the shore on the pond. Enjoy.

 End of day at the office, the hummers are chasing around and the feeder is in full sun.

 Early morning sun on the garden feeder at the end of my porch.

 Sporting a little pollen on his snout!

 The female snuck in while the male wasn't lookin'!

 Down at the other end of the porch, this male Ruby-throated is guarding another feeder.

And out on the pond, some Green Herons have found a convenient perch on some large limbs.

 Didn't know they were interested in dragon flies!

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Pics of the Day

It was a cool morning on the porch, but work was calling, so no morning porch pics today. I waited until the end of the workday when the office deck hummingbird feeder was in full light and the hummers were active chasing around the feeders.

 The guardian of the feeder, the male Black-chinned hummingbird.

 Hangin' a hard left to avoid a confrontation.

 So we see we also have a female doing a little chasing here!

 And this one showing off a little back-bling.

 It's hard to tell who is going where here!

 Not sure if she wants to stay or not!

 Very aware of the right, and the left.

Marvelous, glorious creatures!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Pics of the Day

The weatherman predicted cool dry temps on the porch this morning, but no Texan believes that in August until he feels it for himself. It was so wonderful I just had to hang in there as long as the workday would let me. Spied a Yellow Warbler, but wasn't quick enough to get a pic. Tomorrow is supposed to be cooler, so let's see what it holds!

 Off the end of the porch, this dragon fly was hanging on to the leaf of the morning glory. Amazing creation!

 The purple cone flower catching some of the first sunlight.

My faves, the morning glories, living up to their name.

 And ended the day at the office deck feeder with the female Black-chinned hummer.

She was watching out for Mr. Guardian.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Pics of the Day

The hummers' activity seems to be picking up, which doesn't say much for our regular amount of activity! Still, more is always good! The Lesser Goldfinch gave me a quick pose at the office deck water dish. 

Female Black-chinned is very skittish at the feeder, as the male is close by, and always ready for a fight.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Rain Day

It's a rare day in Central Texas for a 100-degree day to turn into an 80-degree rainy day. This is a rare day. It also brought the birds out. Enjoy.

 Sunday afternoon this hummer was avoiding the guardians of the zinnias and feeders. Nobody seem to care if she was out at the volunteer lantana. I figure the mouth is hangin' open because it is 100 degrees out!

 And prior to the rain storm blowing in today, this young Black-chinned was hanging out in the oaks off the office deck. Yeah, hot enough to make a hummer pant!

 The feeder closest to the open window.

 Backin' away.

 The guardian was headed in for the challenge.

 While we enjoyed supper on the porch, the Yellow-crowned Night Heron was enjoying the rain on the pond.

 And a young male Ruby-throated was eye-balling a drop of rain, curious thing.

 Evidence of the rain, and no one to chase him away from the feeder.

 First time I've seen a hummer go to the blooming basil plant to check out the nectar.

Lot of shimmering green in that back!

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Summer Heat; Hummers, Butterflies, and a Few Others

As per my habit, I've waited way too long to post, so here goes. We'll be catching up with the pics starting at the first of summer, late June! Yikes! The heat is so intense now, that all I can do is sit inside! Enjoy this season's post.

The Black-chinned hummingbird sits patiently guarding the feeder at the porch, ever diligent.

This one was dragging some spider web with him. My hummingbird expert Nathan Motz tells me that spider web is the concrete for holding their nests together.

Yellow-crowned Night Heron cruising the pond. Since this pic it dried up, then got a big rain and filled again!

 The Painted Buntings are out there, just not coming to the feeders much. Caught this one at the office deck.

 The Scrub Jays continue to frequent the office conference room windows, and periodically fly over to the deck to pick up a snack.

 Capturing some action shots at the office deck feeder.

They chase around a lot, just hard to catch two of them at the same time.

A rare visitor at the office deck, the Red-eyed Vireo. Just passin' through!

Sunday morning on the porch, the morning glories framing the feeder.

Sometimes I can get two of them at once!

 They can't resist the morning glories.

 Blue-gray Gnat Catcher in the Lady Banks Rose.

 Black-crested Titmouse with a sunflower seed.

He gave me a nice look at his purple throat.

The Gulf Fritillary butterfly at one of our zinnias.

 The Ruby-throated hummingbird was checking out our new blue feeder.

 And the Swallow tail enjoying the zinnias.

 And purple cone flowers.

Yes, God's glory is revealed in His Creation!