Sunday, December 16, 2012

The Quiet Season

It is just amazing how completely still it is on the porch just now! At times all I can hear is the ringing in my ears! But then some Gadwalls drop in on the pond, or the Great Blue Heron floats in. It's called the 'Quiet Season', the time of hiding before the newness of Spring. Enjoy this week's offering.

 Here's one to break the silence! The Scrub Jay's raucous call is anything but quiet.

 They continue to frequent the feeders at the office deck.

 You probably recognize the red of the House Finch, but you might not get the others. They are Pine Siskins, and have not been around the office for a few seasons. You can i.d. them by the faint yellow markings on their wings and tail.

Northern Shovelers are winter ducks that sometimes visit our pond.

 The Carolina Chickadee gives me a coy pose.

I turned around and the Carolina Wren (what's with all the Carolina bird names?) was hopping around the porch steps.

 Say hello to the Goatweed Butterfly. He was hanging out at the office deck, close to the ancient temp gage.

 I caught a glimpse of a familiar illusive profile down by the pond. The Rufous-sided Towhee is back in the neighborhood, and I will be stalking him for a magazine-quality photo!

 Some weeks back the Red-breasted Nuthatch collided with our glass door, and we thought he was a gonner. Jan saw him hobbling around the shrubs, but after a while he was able to fly to the tree limb. I'm happy to report that we are seeing him again at the feeder regularly taking sunflower seeds to their hiding places.

 The regal pose of the Northern Cardinal.

 He stages on the chains of the yard swing when another bird is occupying the feeder.

Unfortunately, a hungry squirrel finally broke our moon-head feeder. So now I'm in the market for a replacement. Hmm, wonder what Santa might bring this year? Yeah well, I haven't been THAT naughty!

 The Titmouse grabbing a sunflower seed.

We'll close this edition with the Great Blue Heron standing tall on the other side of the pond.
If I don't get to post again before Christmas, sending you greetings of Peace on Earth, Good Will toward Men, for unto us a Child is born, unto US a Son is given, even a Savior!