Wednesday, April 30, 2014

April Variety Show

April has been a busy, busy month. Not only busy for birds, but busy for the Griffins! Enjoy this installment of all the April captures.

 This woodpecker has been coming close to the office deck, even visiting the feeders at times.

I was having a time i.d.'ing him.

This is the Red-bellied Woodpecker. Isn't his red belly prominent?

He's a hit-and-run artist for nuts at the feeder.

Cardinal in the yard getting his sunflower seed.

 Cardinal at the office with a little morning back light.

Female Cardinal enjoying her sunflower seed.

  A rare moment at the yard; 3 female hummers at the new garden feeder at one time.

Love seeing the hummers enjoying the Salvia at the end of the porch.

 Black-chinned hummingbird at the office.

Caught this male Ruby-throated hummingbird at the garden feeder.

Female Black-chinned at the office deck feeder.

Perched on the top of the Carolina jessamine, the Ruby-throated was flashing his lights.

 The Lesser Goldfinches continue to offer much entertainment with their thistle feeder antics.

Carolina Wren enjoying the hot tub at the house.

 Ladder-backed woodpecker at the suet as long as it is there.

 My favorite songbird, the Bewick's Wren, graced me with a personal serenade at the garden while I was stalking the hummingbirds.

Our first sighting of the Indigo Bunting in the yard.

 Bully Bluejay all alone at the feeder.

The Great Egret cruising the pond for supper.

The tiny, wheezy, Blue-gray Gnat Catchers have been very active at the office oaks.

 Last year I saw my first Wilson's Warblers in the yard. So this year, when they showed up at the office deck, I knew what I was seeing.

First sighting of the year of the Painted Bunting in the yard.

And as soon as he showed up, he was staying. And, he had a buddy with him.

 What a difference a month makes! Jan's new raised bed veggie garden is coming along well.

A rare sighting, the White-eyed Vireo came up close enough to the office deck for a pic.

The White-crowned Sparrow at the office water dish.

 I heard the unmistakable call of the Summer Tanager. And where there is a female, can the male be far off?

 The female Painted Bunting, first sighting at the office deck.

 The male Painted Bunting had been seen at the office, but it was a week before he came back and stayed enough for a picture.

 At first glance I thought this was a female Painted Bunting. Then I saw her mate, and realized she was a female Lazuli Bunting, a rare traveler in our area.

Glad the camera was ready. The Lazuli Bunting is only passing through.

We'll close the month's photos with the Yellow-crowned Night Heron on the pond. We have also spied the Green Heron, so we'll bring some of those next time!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Spring Mix

The spring influx of birds has been overwhelming. I'm thinking about posting every day, so this stuff doesn't pile up on me! We are still experiencing cool temps for our area, but this has only prolonged the spring migration of birds. Our pics date back to March, so enjoy the catch-up!

 Our ever faithful male Northern Cardinal, perched on the blooming red oak, or Spanish oak around here.

The Chipping Sparrow is here for the winter, but soon will be gone.

Sparrows are my business partner's faves, since he used to think that they were ALL sparrows!

A male House Finch on the office feeder.

 Sometimes they display a lot of crimson.

 Male and female House Finch, with a male Lesser Goldfinch below.

The male Lesser Goldfinch struck a pose.

 On the left is the American Goldfinch, male. Not seeing much of them now.

When the hummingbirds are around, I spend less time on the 'Thistle Wars'. But they are always battling!

 One of those chance captures. Sunny day, good exposure, and the hummer's tongue hangin' out. I really didn't know they extended that far!

Hold that pose!

 Not a great shot, but like to show that purple throat when I can.

Look close and the purple throat has a scallop at the white body.

 Back on the porch, the Black-chin is checking out the new garden feeder.

Is he getting ready?

We close this offering with the elusive and reclusive Spotted Towhee. They are still around, and now making quite a racket. I think it's a mating thing!