Sunday, September 18, 2011

Back to School

The school schedule (traffic) has encouraged me to leave earlier, miss the mess, and spend some morning time on the deck at the office with the birds. It has been interesting, as well as seeing the migrating birds recently. Enjoy this week's offering.

The friendly Chickadee is always a steady visitor, and is there as early as anyone.

And they'll come to the seed for a quick hit.

The Goldfinches aren't too sure about my presence on the deck, but nothing much keeps them away from the thistle feeder.

A male and female Lesser Goldfinch.

This morning I spied a really large bird out there.

It kept coming my way, and ended up touching down just across the creek in what normally would be the boat ramp area of Cypress Creek LCRA Park. They took it down, packed it up, and were gone in minutes.

The Titmouse shows up with the Chickadees, our hit-and-run artists.

The hummingbirds have been very active in the morning on the deck, but the light makes it hard to get an action shot. This is a female Ruby-throated hummingbird.

With the dry weather, I've been putting out a dish of water. The male Cardinal will take advantage from time to time.

Later in the day, Dan beckons me to the window with, 'Come here, this is something different!' It's a female Oriole, either Orchard or Baltimore. We only see them at migrating time.

So she graced us by coming up to the water dish. We never saw the male.

This female Baltimore Oriole came to the hummingbird feeder at the house. The male was feet away, but I couldn't get a picture. We since have put out jelly feeders, and are hoping for a second chance!

Saturday morning saw an activity level of hummingbirds at the house that we have rarely experienced. At one time, there were 6 hummingbirds at one time sitting on the feeder.

I missed that shot, but for us, it is rare to even see 3 hummers at the feeder at once.

This bad boy was watching one feeder all day long. The coloring of his ruby throat created a look of a bed of coals on his neck.

Look Ma! No electric lighting involved! Yes, it is truly amazing, and another reminder of God's glory revealed in His creation.