Monday, September 30, 2013

Not Done Yet

I really thought the hummers were gone, but they are not quite through with us. So as long as someone is hanging around, we'll have a little sugar water in the feeder. Enjoy what will PROBABLY be our last hummingbird pics.

 I really do believe these are our parting shots at the office deck. Haven't seen any of these guys now for a few days. But the Ruby-throated hummers gave us some good final looks.

I'll give the feeders a good cleaning and put 'em away for next Spring.

I would like to believe that the abundance of flowering plants at the house is the reason we continue to see the hummers there. This female surprised me as she lit very close to where I was stationed.

The male Ruby-throats at the porch don't show themselves much, at least not to me.

This female was positioned at the Mexican sage, and not budging.

 Then another female came and they started both going after the blooms.

 Then one perched and gave the stink-eye to the other.

 And then took out after her.

 This weekend I believe I saw a hummer at almost every blooming plant in the yard. Here at the morning glories.

And at the volunteer lantana, with a little pollen on her snoot.

 And of course they can't resist Jan's zinnias! Who could?!

 That must be watermelon zinnia!

If this is farewell, it has been a VERY good year for hummers around our feeders!

More Breakfast Buffet

I enjoyed another week of early mornings at the office deck, greeting the sunrise and offering up a breakfast buffet that brings in the birds. And my porch friends get the same kind of treatment on the weekends. Enjoy this week's variety.

 The Cardinal was reluctantly sharing his sip with a bee, there at the leaf cup.

The bee decided to leave. That's fine.

The morning sun and the sun's reflection lit this Cardinal up.

After one of our rains this week (yes, you read that right!) the male and female at the Banks rose.

 The Lesser Goldfinch is always early to breakfast.

And they enjoy the buffet, not just the thistle seed.

And ALL day, too.

The Lesser Goldfinches joined by the House Finches.

If you see one, the other is near by; Carolina Chickadee and Black-crested Titmouse.

At the house, this Chickadee is enjoying my bargain feeder from Cracker Barrel.

Male and female House Finch at the office deck.

Oh, and we can't neglect this family, affectionately known as the 'pig dove'. They clear out the offerings that are on the deck in about 15 minutes, CLEAN!

We close with a surprise morning greeting at the porch. Our two wild turkeys, high in the dead pecan on the other side of the pond. They eventually graced us with their downward flight to the meadow, to enjoy their breakfast.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Summer's End

Our summer ended in a spectacular way this week, 4-3/4" of rain. Glory! The pond is full again, and I'm believing just in time to welcome our in-coming winter water fowl. But for now, enjoy a few more hummingbird pics and assorted others before they head south.

What a difference 4+ inches of rain makes! From bone dry to virtually full! The varmints are happy, as well as a few flowering plants.

 The Giant Swallow-tail butterfly visiting Jan's zinnias.

They just keep comin', the zinnias, that is!

 Mornings at the office deck, this little Carolina Wren pops up. I don't see how that tail helps much in flight!

But somehow he gets around fine.

The Chickadee gives me a proud pose.

This Titmouse was enjoying the watering dish.

 And sayin' grace before eating.

Who does your makeup?

 The Blue Jay displaying his spectacular array of blues.

And we must include the Lesser Goldfinches, still fighting for the thistle seed.

 Rarely does the Mockingbird drop in at the office, so it is a treat to capture a shot.

 And the Blue-gray Gnatcatcher also showed up in the oaks just off the deck.

He flew around quite nervously hunting bugs, and seemed to get his fill.

 I must apologize to the female Ruby-throated hummingbird. Seems I have been identifying the juvenile male as a female. My apologies to both!

But nobody mis-identifies Papa Ruby-throat!

Even when he's hiding his true colors.

 Here's the juvenile male Ruby-throated hummingbird. He's the one with the 'bling'.

 Also showing off jewels on his back.

So the male and juvie havin' it out at the feeder. Looks like Jr. is holding his own.

Another treat of a traveler visiting the office deck. A Baltimore Oriole.

Back at the house, the Golden-fronted Woodpecker checking out my peanut mix. He should be here for the winter.

 Today's afternoon sun gave me the light to capture some parting shots. Since no hummingbird id mentions gold dust on the head, I'm assuming this is pollen!

 And a little on the snout!

 Nobody seems to spend time at the yellow zinnia, so this is a rare shot.

But everybody loves the red!
We have had fun with our summer crew, but look forward to what the fall and winter have to offer. Could it be as glorious? Can't wait!!