Sunday, June 26, 2016

Pics of the Day

A sunny Sunday afternoon with lots of time to hang out on the porch and watch for hummers and buntings. Did well on the hummers, not so on the buntings. But a Painted came to a close feeder to the porch, so promises of future captures.

 Will be checking on this one, as I don't remember seeing him before.

 Watching for intruders.

 No interlopers allowed around here!

 Mama has found a treat she likes growing on the edges of the pond.

 And everywhere that Mama went, the fawn was sure to go.

 Male and female Green Herons on the pond today.

 She discovered a zinnia hiding among the purple cone flowers.

 They seem to prefer zinnias over the purple cone flower.

 Hmm, not sure about you!

 So I'll go over here, far from your peering camera.

 Another unidentified flying object. I'll work on the i.d.

 Black-chinned hummer is guarding jealously.

 Nice little rosy reflection on his breast.

And we close with another UFO. I can always edit when I
figure out what they are!

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Pics of the Day

Quite a variety in the yard and across the pond this afternoon.

 Early morning Blue Jay will always show up for some peanuts.

 Surprised this morning by the Yellow-crowned Night Heron, and the fawn across the pond. Only got a shot of the Heron.

 My favorite singer, the Bewick's Wren.

 Cardinal on the garden fence this afternoon.

 Exit, stage left!

 Female Painted Bunting. Where's yore daddy?!!

 Did you know dragon flies like to eat gnats? He's blurry, but on the lower right, feasting on the swarm.

 Black-chinned hummer coming around the purple cone flower.

We'll call her the matriarch. Female Red-shouldered Hawks are larger than males, and the younger ones definitely have more brown on the head.