Thursday, September 17, 2015

Pics of the Day

I don't remember having this volume of hummers during migration season. We're just enjoying them, and trying to keep the feeders full.

 Stationed at the end of the porch, late day, hoping for some poses.

 Activity is high, and they are chasing each other all around the feeders and flowers.

 Delighted that this one would camp out a while at the tall pink zinnia.

God's glory, revealed in His Creation. GLORY!!

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Pics of the Day

Bright sunshine and cool temps on the morning porch signal that Autumn is in the air. The hummingbird activity tells us they are beginning to move. And the morning glories always do better if they have survived our summer heat.

 Not a great focus, but unusual to see them together. Juvenile on left, adult on right. Our Red-shouldered Hawks are always in the area.

 Our rosey morning glories just started showing.

 Jan knows how to shop for my birthday presents. The new red barn replaces the faded chapel.

 Two shots proving different hummers pick the same spot to stop and watch the activity around the porch feeders.

 New feeder from our kids, Chickadee likes it. (So do the squirrels!)

 Got to set up on the porch and fire away at the hummers in the bright morning light.

 Lot of shimmering green and gold.

We've never had activity like this before, even for the migrating season. We'll enjoy it while it is going on.

Monday, September 7, 2015

Pics of the Weekend, Part II

Done with Saturday, and Sunday was a step up. Glory!

 Red Salvia at the end of the porch, and our new porch rail of field panel allows a capture that I hadn't achieved before this season.

 Our 'Super-sonic Ruby-throated' pause briefly at the blue glass garden feeder.

 The six-foot tall zinnias provide this view.

 The Admiral Swallowtail dropped in amidst the activity, thought there was going to be a fight.

 Always chattering.

 Round and round they go.

As you can see, I couldn't pick favorites. Had to leave a ton in the deleted folder!
Glorious birds, glorious day!

Pics of the Weekend

A little overwhelmed by the abundance of shots captured from the porch this weekend. May have to split it into multiple posts. Set a sprinkler in a hot, sunny garden and the hummers came out in droves (relatively, that is!)

 Saturday morning it was evident something was different. As I sat on the porch, 5 hummers at one time were at the porch feeder. Very unusual for our place, and they moved their activity to the garden feeders.

 'If I squint my eyes and pucker up, who knows what might happen!'

 Looks like a couple of flower fried eggs for breakfast.

'I don't mind dining with you if you can be civil!'

 'How do I get this pollen off my beak?'

 A few times the hummer camped at a flower and just did a circle, hitting it from every direction.

 'You're in my space, dude!'