Friday, June 27, 2014

Last of Spring, Vol. III

This wraps up our June pics to date. Enjoy this installment of 'Last of Spring'.

 The resident hit-and-run artists, the Black-crested Titmouse, grabbing an early morning peanut at the office deck feeder.

 The Red-bellied Woodpecker scatters all the other birds when he hits the feeder.

 Female Black-chinned hummingbird.

 That's what I call a wink and a smile!

Female Painted Bunting.

 Inches away from the office window, the male Painted Bunting.

 This Red-winged Blackbird was making a major color display. There were a couple of young males he was trying to impress.

 The Lesser Goldfinches letting the House Finch female know that she is not welcome at the thistle feeder.

 Catchin' a little sunlight off the green fluorescent feathers.

Confused Carolina Wren on the hummingbird feeder.

 Carolina Chickadee enjoying the water dish off the porch.

 Knockouts and morning glories puttin' on a show.

 Deepest crimson I've ever seen on a male House Finch.

Study in the blues; Blue Jays, Victoria Blue Salvia, blue glass dish.

And we close the last of spring with the hope of the future; the Carolina Wrens feeding the babies in the church house on the porch. New life!!

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Last of Spring, Vol. II

It takes a while to get current on the past month's pics, so continue to enjoy the last pictures of spring.

 Campin' out at the church feeder, and the Cardinals provide entertainment in the sunlight.

 Incoming! Soft landing.

And a quick exit as the squirrel is ready for his turn.

 Black-chinned hummer checkin' out the action above.

Losin' light and had to use the flash to get this one of the Painted Bunting.

We have been graced much this spring with the activity of the Great Blue Heron on the pond.

 Another encounter with the White-eyed Vireo at the office.

 He was coming up close to the office window. Amazing eyes.

My best i.d. is a Brown-crested Flycatcher, normally ranging only as far north to South Texas. Welcome! And why dontcha stay a while?

 Obviously a female Mourning Dove, with the characteristic neck bling!

Inca Dove waiting for her turn at the feeder.

 Morning light at the office finds the Scrub Jay ready to start his day of fighting the guy in the reflection. (But peanut breakfast first!)

Black-chinned at the office feeder.

Good profile!

She's giving me a stoic pose.

Female Black-chinned in the live oak off the porch.

 Our second batch of young Eastern Phoebes on the back porch.

 This young Titmouse provided us with much entertainment, but was not amusing to the resident Lesser Goldfinch, who knows that bird is out of place!

 Whoa! Another indication that this feeder was just not made for him.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Last of Spring

We enjoyed an amazing spring for Central Texas, full of moderate temps and enough rain to keep things interesting. Enjoy my June collection of photos!

 Always fun to catch a hummingbird in flight, this female Black-chinned at the porch feeder.

This young fox caught me by surprise, though we had seen it at the neighbors one day recently. I was down by the pond, and I think we startled each other.

 Two and a half months in, and the garden was producing crook neck and zucchini. Now we're giving away tomatoes as fast as we can.

 The sulfur butterfly in the veggie garden.

 Caught him in flight.

 As I caught this Cardinal on the wing.

Lined up with his clay brothers.

 Leaving the office one afternoon, and I heard the White-eyed Vireo close by. I decided to wait with camera ready, and he was obliging.

Not only obliging, but commenced to chattering at me as a Wren would. This lasted for minutes, and when he was done, it was on to business.

Two Painted Buntings, most likely both female.

And no doubt that this is a male Painted Bunting. One might even say mature male, though that label is always questioned by some!

A scruffy looking Carolina Wren off the office deck.

Love our Black-crested Texas Titmouse(s)!

 My version of Birds and Blooms. We work to provide our birds with a nice floral backdrop! Glory!