Saturday, October 24, 2015

Pics of the Day

We've been praying for rain here in central Texas for quite a while, so of course, it comes in buckets! But made for an interesting Saturday in the yard and off the porch. Still waiting for some i.d. help from Birds of Texas fb post of the little yellow/gray warbler.

 Amazing that this guy is still hanging around on October 24th. Time to be movin' on!

 Looking for some i.d. help here. Titmouse forehead and warbler body mix of yellow and gray. Maybe somebody on fb will help.

 Raining all day, but not slowing down this hummer.

 Going after the salvia at the end of the porch.

 Interesting lineup of water beads on that branch.

 Mexican sage is hanging on as well.

 And when you're tired, just perch and drink.

 Ladder-backed Woodpecker busy out in the oaks.

 Our ever-present Cardinals, putting on a good autumn show.

 Tiny and quiet, the Ruby-crowned Kinglet was being harassed by the hummingbird.

 First spotting of the White-crowned Sparrow, a winter visitor. Welcome!

And oh! What's that wedding band? No? But he is banded. That's another first for us.

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Pics of the Day

Even though we are well into Autumn, and the 'quiet season' in the yard, there is still a lot of activity, even a few hummer stragglers.

 Had to venture out and track down the tapping, as the call was unfamiliar. This is the Downy Woodpecker, the smallest of the woodpecker family.

 Set the sprinkler going in the early morning garden, and they will come.

 Water drip and fresh running, and even the Northern Mockingbird will come around.

 This straggler was visiting the salvia and the plumbago today.

 The string of rubies at the neck tell this one as a maturing male; no oxymoron here!