Sunday, November 24, 2013

Mid-Fall Mixer

Things have been so quiet around here and the office that I have actually gotten some work done! Imagine that. Our Scrub Jays continue to hang out at the office conference room windows, and always draw a crowd of on-lookers; some even joining in the fun. The cool weather has brought in the ducks, and we're starting to see some of our winter regulars. Enjoy this week's offering.

Our faithful year-rounders, the Black-crested Titmouse, joining the Scrub Jays at the office windows.

 You can gauge the temperature by their fluffed feathers.

Nice pose!

 Glorious sunrise on the pond. The advancing fall has taken more leaves and cleared out the surface scum.

 Interesting scene beyond the pond with our wild turkeys and a couple of doe.

Then add the neighbors cat in the mix, with the turkeys running the cat up the tree.

 A blessing to step out on the porch one cool morning and be greeted by 18 Gadwalls, an even mix of male, female, and young ones.

They are skittish, and will erupt off the pond at the slightest disturbance.

 Just before the cold snap wiped out most of the flowering plants, caught this Sulfur butterfly on the zinnia.

And on the salvia greggia.

 At the office, this American Painted Lady was on the viburnum.

And a Clouded Sulfur on the lantana. If you could see the wings open, it has black edges on the top wing lobes.

 Still enjoying the Scrub Jays, an unusual continuing presence at the office windows.

This day he just had to grab some berries off the possum haw holly.

 I think that IS the stink-eye, but probably given to that image in the glass!

Nice profile.

 The Bewick's Wren attracted by the Scrub Jay action.

 And the Carolina Wren that likes to check out the offering on the deck.

Another one of our treasured 'year-rounders', the male Cardinal.

 The nervous and difficult to capture in picture, Ruby-crowned Kinglet. Another bird seemingly attracted by the Scrub Jay action.

 Again, an unusual presence offering me a number of photo opportunities.

 The female nearby, enjoying a seed pod at the top of this cedar elm.

 The male Ruby-crowned Kinglet didn't show his crown, but did put on a show for the glass.

We close this week with my reward for putting out a suet cake at the house. The Ladder-backed Woodpecker came for a snack, and a quick pose.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

The Quieter Season

I thought it was quiet last week, but it really had only begun. But it does give me the opportunity to concentrate on some of the birds that get ignored when the flashy hummers are hangin' around. Enjoy this weeks offering.

Saturday morning on the porch with air temps cool enough to create a mist coming off the warmer pond. The deer were grazing and the wild turkeys were calling. Glory!

 The Carolina Wren enjoying the office deck offering.

 The young male House Finches grousing at the water dish.


 Coy male Cardinal at the office.

 This one was attracted by the activity of the Scrub Jays pecking at the corner windows of the office conference room.

The female was attracted as well.

 Even the Mockingbird had to come find out what the fuss was about.

The Scrub Jays continue to visit the office conference room windows every day
and attack the images they see in the reflection.

 Female Lesser Goldfinches at the sock feeder that I moved closer to my office window.

 White-crowned Sparrow. I'm looking for his mate, she has to be somewhere close by.

 A pair of Sulfur butterflies on the moist gravel walk.

 The Sulfur butterfly enjoying the impatiens who are enjoying temps below 100!

 And Jan's zinnias are still offering a treat for birds and insects alike.

We close with one of those seasonal blessings. Puttering out in the yard, and hear that familiar distant honking. I mention it to Jan, she looks up, and immediately spies the v-shape formation of geese flying south for the winter; 41 total. God's glorious creation!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The Quiet Season

I'm always amazed at how the Autumn brings on a stillness that is incredible. But even that will eventually be broken by a chirp or a call. And then it's like they all wake up and remember there is a reason to head for my feeders! Enjoy the remaining hummer, a winter regular back in the yard, and some butterflies that think it's Spring.
Oh, and I must mention that my old faithful Nikon D40X croaked last Saturday. So you are seeing the first results of my new (to me) Nikon D3100. I'm determined to learn to use this amazing tool to its potential!

 Titmouse at the office feeder.

 Female Lesser Goldfinch and a fly leaving the thistle sock.

Female Lesser Goldfinch at the office deck.

 Amazed every day that I walk out in the morning and this young male Rufous Hummingbird is still in my yard.

 Had enough sunlight, and Jan's zinnias think it's Spring.

He seems to like the zinnias and the Mexican sage, so we'll be watching as long as he'll hang around.

 And the Sulfur butterflies were active in the yard, this one on an impatien.

 They are the only ones I have seen go to the morning glories.

 Gotta go deep!

 Sulfur butterfly on a zinnia.

 This guy was not partial, wanting to try all the blooming plants.

 Did someone turn a light on in that morning glory?

 The swallowtail was checking out all the zinnias too.

First time sighting of this guy, a Pipevine Swallowtail butterfly.

 Another noise that breaks the seasonal silence, wild turkeys across the pond. I'm working on getting a closer shot.

And we'll close with a returning Winter regular, the White-crowned Sparrow.