Saturday, August 29, 2015

Pics of the Day

The sunny Saturday took us from the largest to the smallest, with a special visitor that is passing through.

 The Red-shouldered hawk made a number of passes across the pond. Even grabbing some prey at the water's edge at one point. This fuzzy image was the best I could do.

 I'm thinking Maw and Paw Yellow-crowned Night Heron, but don't ask me to distinguish which is which!

 My morning glories always seem to come on with cooler weather.

 Gulf Fritillary butterfly.

 Eastern Tiger Swallowtail butterfly.

 How about Apple Green Skimmer. (that's my name for him)

 Here is our irregular visitor. We see the Yellow Warbler about once a year in the yard, right about now, which is the beginning of migration season.

 'Super-sonic Ruby-throated' gave me some poses today.

 And a great flash!

And we close with a honey bee in the fluorescent orange-red zinnia.

Friday, August 28, 2015

Pics of the Day

Early morning hummers at the office deck feeders, late day Admirals in the zinnias.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Pics of the Day

Late day sunlight and a sudden abundance of hummers at the zinnias, even if the 'Super-sonic Ruby-throated' is hanging around.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Pics of the Weekend

Blessed with sunny days on the porch and in the garden, and a weekend of porch time to capture the action all around. Enjoy this weekend's offering.

 This Ruby-throated hummer showed up in the yard this week. I dubbed him the 'Super-sonic Ruby', for his speed, and his ability to harass every feeder in the yard and garden at one time.

 The Tiger Swallowtail was active in the zinnias on Saturday.

 Late sun on Saturday, and this one escaped 'Super-sonic Ruby' to get a sip.

 Early sunlight on Sunday, and the two Yellow-crowned Night Herons were trolling the edge of the pond. Caught this one in mid-stride.

 He never spent any time at the feeders or flowers, but I did catch him taking a breather. Actually, he's just diligently watching each feeder.

 The Gulf Fritillary on a forlorn zinnia. Don't know what got the petals.

 Fritillary with landing gear down.

 My Sunday treat; the Sulfur butterfly showed up for the first time this season.

And we wrap it up with 'yaller on yaller'.