Thursday, October 18, 2012

Slow October

It is amazing that during this time of year there are moments when I can sit on the porch and not here a sound, even though I strain to hear even something in the distance. Then, momentarily, a Cardinal will come in from the woods, joined by a House Sparrow, and things will pick up again. Enjoy this week's offering from a slow October.

 Like their cousin the Blue Jay, the voice of the Scrub Jay is unmistakable, so when I hear it I head for the window to see if I can get a  shot. 

Also like their cousins, they come in small groups. I appreciated their offering some poses this day.

 This Titmouse gave me a good look on the feeder.

 Male Lesser Goldfinch.

 Female Lesser Goldfinch.

 The Mockingbird will come in, visit the deck, and often get a drink of water before heading out again.

 The bird i.d. books say all parrots are tropical, so all in North America are escapees, or have escapee origins. This one is a Monk Parakeet, from South America. It showed up at the playground where we had the grandkids. It flew from the playscape to a lady watching her kids. She had some treats, and the parakeet wanted some. She fed him some grapes, and he flew to a nearby tree where I could get some shots.

 No more hummingbirds at the feeders, so this is probably our last visitor for the season. Have a good trip!

 Drink deeply!

 We'll close with a series of shots of a butterfly we've seen before on this blog; the Tiger Swallowtail. It was landing on the volunteer lantana, so I raced to get some shots, and it hung in there and obliged me.

God's glory, revealed in His Creation!