Sunday, February 28, 2016

Arizona Birds

We were blessed to get to take a quick run to see family in the Tucson area, and took pics of every bird that I had never seen.

 Even had trouble finding this one in the i.d. book. It is a Verdin, and seems to have its own variety of family, including Tits, Bushtits, and Bulbuls. So there!

 SIL Ginger has some wonderful bird viewing in her back patio. All it takes is this cake of seed called a Quail block. Say hello to Mr. and Mrs. Gambel Quail. Definitely never seen these before!

 We made a run down to Patagonia and the home of some folks that left it to the Audubon Society so others could continue to enjoy their feeders. Say hi to the Anna's hummingbird.

 She can flash a lot of red!

 Knew it when I saw it, but had only seen it in books. This is a Pyrrhuloxia, a cousin of the Northern Cardinal. 

 Know his cousins well. This is a Bridled Titmouse.

Must confess that I used to see this guy in Uvalde. The Curve-billed Thrasher. He has a song as varied as a Mockingbird, but not as pretty.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Pics of the Day; First at the New Office

Finally set up some feeders and a bird bath outside my window at the new office location. No, it's not Lake Travis, but I think you'll see I've got some birds I never saw on Volente Road.

 American Goldfinches have discovered the tube. One day they were fighting a group of Pine Siskins for the goodies.

 This Yellow-rumped Warbler has become a regular at the bird bath.

 The Orange-crowned Warbler also is fond of the nut tube.

 My biggest surprise, an Eastern Bluebird. I know they are in the area, just have never had any luck drawing them into a photo-op.

Now I'll mount a bluebird house close by and see if I can get them to make a home.

Monday, February 1, 2016

Pics of the Day

After somehow surviving the harsh Central Texas Winter, I am back to post again. It has been quiet birding around the yard, and busy everywhere else. Well, that's my story, and I'm stickin' to it. The last sunny Sunday of January 2016 offered a nice variety of birds on the property.

 I know, I know! But this Red-eared slider just hasn't sprouted his wings yet! The tree in the pond creates some interesting habitat.

 Ruby-crowned Kinglet looking for bugs up our creek.

 Five Gadwall ducks were dunking nearby, and this Great Blue Heron was quietly waiting for an offering from the pond.

 One of our resident Red-shouldered Hawks came across the high end of the pond, and was watching the ducks a little too intently.

 Always a nice surprise to find an American Goldfinch in the yard, even if we rarely get to see them in their full summer glory. Feisty, just ask the Titmouse.

 Year 'round, the yard is always full of Northern Cardinals.

We close with the American Goldfinch couple. For the summer coat, just imagine everything that isn't black or white is brilliant yellow, with a little black cap just above his eyes. Poor girl, she just has to wear the same drab coat all the time!