Sunday, August 19, 2012

A Few Frio Birds

Back in July, before I max'd out my photo storage capacity with Blogger and Picasa, we had a wonderful few days with the Griffins on the Frio that was chronicled on GG's Journal. Finally I fingered out my problem with Picasa, just needed to go into my album and delete 2,000 pictures! Not to worry, I have them on another drive. So I'm catching up on some bird blogging. Enjoy this week's offering (and my new page design!)

 When we arrived at the very cool River Road roost, I quickly discovered we had a whopping wealth of woodpeckers hanging out in the oak trees surrounding the back patio. Golden-fronted to be exact.

 And we quickly id'd one of the tree holes where they resided.

 Young one working on his red top and golden front.

 There were lots of them, and they were very vocal. Provided for a lot of birding entertainment.

 The Bewick's Wrens were active around the patio as well, and provided my very favoritest song.

 There was something going on with that nice gutter along the back of the house. A number of birds seemed to be interested; I'm thinking a good collection of bugs in leaf mold.

 Bro-in-law Tommy was thoughtful enough to bring some birdseed, so we spread it out at the outside fireplace and drew in some Titmouse.
(or is that titmice?)

 A Scrub Jay came to check out our seed offering.

Heard the faint ascending and descending call of the Lesser Goldfinch.

 And I knew I could count on the females coming in to feed.

 Always a treat to spy a Painted Bunting. This fellow came around every day, even before the seed showed up.

 Nice of him to come in close and give me a pose.

 And mama too. You don't have to roam far on the Frio to enjoy the birds, they'll just come right up to your back patio.

One more treat. I heard the wheezy call of the Blue-gray Gnatcatcher and spied him just above me in the oak tree. They don't stay still, so ya gotta get 'em quick. A great week on the Frio.