Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Pics of the Day

The quiet season is upon us, but the hummers are still active, obviously preparing for the long journey south.

 This series caught at the red garden feeder.

 Closest I can come is 'Great Southern White' butterfly. What a tag!

 Nice blue glass reflection.

 These guys were sitting on the garden fence wire about five feet from each other, thinking about dancing.

 The only clear shot I got of the dance.

 Wondering if that Morning Glory was worth exploring.

 Series of shots at the green garden feeder.

 Mexican sage finally has enough to attract the hummers. Sprinkler was going, so they were enjoying the nectar and the shower.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Pics of the Day

The yard is full of the young hummingbirds, chasing around and generally harassing all other forms of life nearby. Today we get to see the developing bling on the throats of the Black-chinned as well as the Ruby-throated.

 Juvenile male Black-chinned, showing the beginnings of his purple throat.

 Sun declining, providing good angle for fully lit capture.

 Tried to give my fire bush as much light as possible this year. You can see them coming on in the background of this pic.

 Just wait til next year, I'll show ya some bling!

 The purple cone flower still draws 'em in.

 Late day sun lit up this fellow's back.

Parting shot; Ruby-throated juvenile male, peeking around and 
showing his developing ruby throat.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Pics of the Day

The days of rain have brought in some seasonal visitors, and increased the sightings of the various Herons around the pond. The hummingbirds are maturing, and getting even feistier around the feeders. Enjoy the offering of the day.

 My morning glorys have never experienced rain in August, and their owner doesn't even remember the last time that happened either!

 I remember the first time I spied a Blue-gray Gnat-catcher in the yard here. Now the look and the sound are unmistakable.

 He wheezes and flits about looking for gnats and small insects.

 Surprised by the visiting Yellow Warbler, pleasantly so.

 I keep telling you about the Green Herons chasing about the pond.

 This morning actually captured a little of the chase.

 Fine and good, but what if you catch her?!!

 Young female Painted Bunting and young male Cardinal. The parents said they couldn't date!

 Frustrated Green Heron.

The young male Ruby-throated will develop a few red throat feathers his first summer. By next summer, he'll be all ruby-red.

 Blue-gray Gnat-catcher back in the Lady Banks Rose.

 Same thing with the young male Black-chinned hummer. A few blue chin feathers his first summer. He is very aggressive around the feeders.

But not as aggressive as big daddy Ruby!